Orua - Tudo Posso 7”. $5

Jotnarr - s/t LP. $12

Lentic Waters - Bird LP. $15

The World is a Vampire/Cloud Rat split LP. $14

The World is a Vampire - Trenchsewer b/w Heartshorn LP. $14

The World is a Vampire/Torture Garden split 7”. $6.50

People’s Temple Project/Sleeper Wave split LP. $14

Zeta - Magia Infinita LP. $14

Orua - Sem Bencao/Sem Crenca DLP - $20

Jiyuna - This Desolate Veil LP. $12 regular version, $15 wood cover version

Niboowin - Breathing LP. $10

Crowning/Swallows Nest - split 7".  $5

Aureole of Ash - Morbid Reality 10".  $10

Cassus - Separation Anxiety LP.  $13

Aureole of Ash/Jotnarr - split 7".  $5

Mrtex/Kelut - split LP. $12

The Bug - Humbug 7".  $5

Rash - Midnight Crooner 7".  $5

v/a - Eight Feet Under Vol. 1 DLP.  $18

Dakhma - Suna Kulto LP.  $10

Plural Being - Demo Cassette.  $4

Le Almeida - Todas as Brisas LP.  $10

Weak Wrists - s/t LP.  $10

Sigh Down One - Memory is Short Longing LP.  $13

Tempest - s/t LP.  $12

Null - Sleepwalking Days LP.  $12

Le Almeida - Paraleloplasmos LP.  $13

Tape Rec - Death Friends LP.  $10




12XU - On Largue Les Amarres - melodic and catchy French emo-punk goods - this collects ep's and some new tracks.  On Stonehenge.  $12

Accidente - Amistad y Rebelion - 2014 release by this amazing Spanish melodic punk band - super catchy with amazing vocals. $12

Active Minds - The Age of Mass Distraction - longstanding UK punk lifers with a brand new album of political punk!!!  $10

Algebra Suicide - Feminine Squared - killer reissue of legendary synth goods.  Doesn't have the DVD part.  $14

Alpha Hopper - s/t - NY stomping noise rock/punk - sneering female vocals - total dirgey guitar sound - killer. $14

Amouth - Awaken - pounding dirgy goods. Take a noise rock approach but all sludgy sounding guitars and some atmosphere. $10

Amygdala - Population Control - TX ripping emo-violence.  European pressing.  $12

Autarch/Soothsayer - more huge neo-crust beatings from these NC folks.  $11

Bail - In Closing Memories - German emo - driving and melodic with an amazing handmade package /320.  $10

Bastard - Wind of Pain - like new bootleg version.  $45

Battle of Wolf 359 - Death of Affect - UK heavy screamo influenced HC - great people, powerful band on React With Protest.  $12

Big Hush - Spirit/Wholes - glorious washed out indie/punk w/ strong shoegaze vibes - excellent. $13

Black Dove - No Future No Fate - TEST PRESS 5/5, says rejected on it.  Ohio hardcore/punk from 2009.  $10

The Black Heart Procession - The Waiter Chapters I-VIII - collection of tracks released on Robotic Empire. $15

Breag Naofa - II - yowsas!  massive pummelling doomy post metal with a kind of crust backbone, but heavy on the just pounding bleak beatings tip.  $10

Broken Dead - Extent of Pain - ripping hc/punk outta Eugene OR - sounds 90's as hell - a bit metallic, a bit classic crust, a touch of thrash - with great female vocals that remind me of Endeavor.  10 page booklet as well - great project all around.  $10

Buffet - All American - killer WA punk - kinda the only band that feels like they’re chanelling 7 Seconds big time - great fuzzy guitar sound - short catchy rippers. $15

Burials - s/t - Kinda tech death metally grindcore outta Portland - very nice jacket, blue vinyl /125.  $10

Burials/Exhausted Prayer - Tech death metal/grindcore goods outta Portland.  $10

Buzzoven - To a Frown - 25th anniv. repress /350 from Poland of this noise rock sludgy classic. $16

Car City - s/t - Total power pop/alt-rock goods on PMRC from WI. $10

Career Suicide - Machine Response - First new LP in forever from Canadian fastcore legends.  This is the European version on Static Shock.  $16

Carol - 1996 Reconstructed - killer discography LP of this classic German band - Bremen sound at its best - just enough metal, bleak and heavy beatings - highly recommended. $14

Cassus - Separation Anxiety - UK screamo/emo spectacular - intense yet melodic.  With die-cut cover and huge full color lyrics/art book.  $13

Chavire - Interstices - Classic style driving and desperate French emo-punk.  If you dig French emo, this will do it every time.  $12

Cheerleaders of the Apocalypse - discography - 2004 React With Protest release - grinding heavy beast.  $4

Christie Front Drive - s/t second LP - top 3 emo LP’s of all time in my view. Essential. New copy. $15

Coherence - Of Alternative Spaces - awesome Oakland band channeling mid-90’s HC like 400 Years, Unwound, Spitboy, Sleepytime Trio etc. - excellent release! $12

Cole Quintet - Get Off Your Knees... - nice German emo on Adagio 830.  $3

Colossal Wrecks - Waste the Moment - CA goods - if you dig Braid, this is for you.  $10

The Coltranes - White Hag LP - Discordant, riff-heavy noise rock filth - their final record.  $12

Concealed Blade - s/t - hardcore ripper on Beach Impediment.  $15

Congenital Death - Fucklove: Prophet of Death - Philly absurd blinding hardcore violence.  Whirlwind fury.  $10

Crows-an-Wra - Kalopsia - UK emo in the At The Drive In/Refused style on ice blue vinyl.  UK has got emo on lock these days.  $11

Dakhma - Suna Kulto LP - 2 20 minute tracks of hideous black metal inspired punk from MI with plenty of atmospheric beauty amongst the filth.  $10

Dark Blue - Start of the World - Garagey post punk rock goods from Ceremony, Clockcleaner folks outta Philly.  $13

Discharge - WHY - new copy on Havoc. $13

Dying/Less Life - dark and miserable hardcore from NJ/Philly on white vinyl.  $9

Eaten - s/t - mix old school 90’s death metal with more of a modern grind approach - perfect mix on Give Praise. $10

Elmer - Songs of Sin and Retribution - classic 1998 country punk on No Idea w/ cow color vinyl.  $15

Euth - s/t - killer grindy screamo from Wyoming - take the React with Protest sound and give it a grindy Gravity Rec. sound. $12

Exit 13 feat. Bliss Blood - Smoking Songs - parody big band good timin’ stuff all about weed. On Behind the Mountain from Poland. $14

Exit Hippies/Lotus Fucker - raw noise punk split on SPHC - $9

Exit Order - Seeds of  Hysteria - lo-fi simple punk stomper - perfect riffs, amazing album, total ear-worm vocals.  $14

Exotica - Musique Exotique #02 - raw and primitive punk stomp on La Vida Es Un Mus.  $15

Felchers - C’mon Everybody - folks from the Elsinores outta KY doing some punk genius as usual on General Speech - catchy classic punk w/ fall-down drooling vocals. $14

Final Exit - Seasons are Going and Going... - absurd noisecore/grindcore blur insanity on SPHC.  $10

Finisterre - s/t 2017 - ripping political modern crust from Germany - passionate and powerful in the Fall of Efrafa/Tragedy vein. $12

Flesh World - Wild Animals in my Life - more killer dark punk/post punk dream/gloom.  $14

Floodgate - Trouble's a Brewin' - classic emo/HC on Ebullition - unique and powerful.  $6

The Foamers/Last Sons of Krypton - Punk/garage/rockabilly vibes with a good bit of fun. $10

FUBAR - Weltschmerz - grinding HC/punk with a neo-crust vibe that had a deep sadness built in somehow - really good. On Give Praise. $10

Future Punx - This is Post-Wave - yo!  Total Devo inspired danceable as hell post new wave goodness.  Yep.  $13

Gehenna - Upon the Gravehill - original 2004 press like new.  $7

Gehenna - The War of the Sons... - A839 pressing on green vinyl w/ gatefold cover/poster.  $12

Geranium/Link - massive crust/hc split - soooo good.  w/ huge foldout screenprinted wraparound cover.  Perfect.  $12

Giant Peach - Tarantula - Amazing raw indie/punk goods - sounds like it could have been 1995 - mix Jejune, Discount, Witches etc.  Damn good.  $10

Haldol - The Totalitarianism of Everyday Life - excellent stuff - take a gothy post-punk vibe and accent the punk part - echoey and distant with a good punch.  Basically repeating this LP as I type this update.  Get it.  $11

Hard Skin - On the Balls - just perfect modern Oi!.  $14

Hard Skin - Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts - just perfect modern Oi!.  $14

Hexis - Tando Ashanti - massive thick gatefold - absolutely hellish blackened HC filth from Denmark.  Don't miss this one.  $14

Hord - Parallels - brooding darkwave electronica on Avant - great bleak dancers. $17

Human Hands/The Blue Period - Killer UK emo split - old style like 1994 - excellent job.  $10

Indecision - Most Precious Blood - classic - PIC DISC version, like new.  $18

Infinite Void - Endless Waves - second LP by this excellent punk/post-punk band, this album leaning more on the post side with a strong shoegaze current as well - a bit dreamy, but definitely rooted in punk. High recommendation. $12

Insult to Injury - s/t - excellent Assfactor 4-ish goods on Belladonna. $8

Isis - Wavering Radiant - 2017 Robotic Empire edition - massive thick gatefold w/ black/white splatter vinyl. $23

Jesu - Ascension - massive DLP reissue from 2018 - post metal/shoegazy heavy haze. $23

Jiyuna - This Desolate Veil - finally on vinyl, this was my favorite Jiyuna material - 2002 heavy screamo w/ a massive emotional weight. Regular version has handpainted/screenprinted jacket - $12, special wood cover edition - $15

Jiyuna - The Devil is Waiting in the Palace…LP - 4 copies found as my mom cleaned her house. White vinyl brand new copies. Handmade/colored covers. $8

J. Marinelli - Stop Paying Attention - garagey melodic punk from KY from an awesome punk lifer - nice screened cover and all!  $10

J. Marinelli - Stray Volts - garagey melodic punk from KY from an awesome punk lifer - support! $10

Jotnarr - s/t - heavy, scathing evil atmosphere - devastating yet melodic - killer UK blackened hardcore. $12

Joy Division - Still DLP - massive clothbound cover with another interior gatefold.  It's like an inch thick.  2007 reissue in like new shape, but doesn't have a white ribbon.  $40

June Paik - s/t 1st LP - Epic and powerful German screamo chaos.  $12

June Paik - s/t 2nd LP - Epic and powerful German screamo chaos.  $12

Keitzer - As the World Burns - killer German death metal - this stuff rips.  $8

Keitzer - Ascension - perfect German death/grind - good people too! Can’t go wrong here. $10

Kenny Kenny Oh Oh - I Will not Negotiate - killer melodic punk on Contraszt - raw and anthemic! $12

Kid Dakota - A Winner's Shadow - MN indie glory - think Sunny Day Real Estate, on Graveface.  $12

Kid Dakota - Denervation - new album of MN indie glory in the Sunny Day Real Estate vein on Graveface.  $12

Kleenex, Liliput - First Songs DLP - massive collection of classic early 80's punk/post punk in a big ol' gatefold cover.  $20

Last Chaos - Only Fit for Ghosts - classic style ripping crusty D-beat punk from Australia on SPHC.  $10

Le Almeida - Todas as Brisas LP - Brasil's lo-fi indie/psych master returns with a new full length of pure glory - think Guided by Voices, early Pixies etc.  This record shows more psych influences, a bit more stoned if you will, with results that consistently make me think "holy shit, this is great".  Aysia thinks so too.  $10

Le Almeida - Paraleloplasmos LP - Same lo-fi indie wizard as Tape Rec - Le is from Brasil and nails 90's lo-fi indie sounds in the vein of Guided By Voices, Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies etc.  SOOOO Perfect in all ways.  $10

Lee Scratch Perry and Dub Syndicate - Time Boom de Devil Dead - dub goods pressed in France.  $17

Lentic Waters - Bird LP - Brand new Lentic Waters LP, this one channeling a mesmerizing Built To Spill/Pinback kind of vibe rather than the pulverizing screamo assaults they've unleashed in the past. Somehow they nail both sounds perfectly!  $15

Lost Tribe - Solace - Italian pressing on Avant of this Portland post/gloom/goth punk killer. $15

Los Vaticanos - Nerone 666 - killer Italian grinding HC on Thought Crime.  $5

Lumpy and the Dumpers - Huff My Sack LP - UK pressing on La Vida es un Mus with nice textured cover.  $15

Male Patterns - Headaches - take a good dose of skate punk and add some thrash style vocals to the mix.  $10

Mausoleum - Back from the Funeral - Members of Incantation, Typhus doing cult horror themed death metal in the Impetigo/Autopsy vein. From PA, released in Poland. $15

Meat Spreader - A Swarm of Green Flies over the Rusty Pot - total goregrind for fans of Regurgitate/General Surgery etc. Polish release. $14

Meatwound - Addio LP - 2015 debut - take the vocals of Holy Mtn/Combat Wounded Veteran and drop 'em on some heavy blown up noise rock influenced hardcore.  Great stuff.  $10

Meatwound - Largo - brand new one - take the vocals of Holy Mtn/Combat Wounded Veteran and drop 'em on some heavy blown up noise rock influenced hardcore.  Great stuff.  $12

Mellow Grave - Smoke Filled the Room, We Slept - witch housey dark shoegaze w/ electro elements - white vinyl /300 on Living Tapes.  $12

The Minus Tide / Turn Around Norman - 2002 screamo/HC on Mountain - the Minus Tide side is essential - new/sealed copies. $4

Molchat Doma - Etazhi - Belarussian minimal wave/synth pop glory - perfectly executed. $26

Moth - Singles and Early Demos - killer gothy post-punk, heavy on the punk - really good on Mass Media. $11

Mourn - s/t - Spanish indie goods on Captured Tracks - gatefold cover - dark and haunting vibe.  $15

Mrtex/Kelut - split LP - Mrtex is ex Makara/Jenny Piccolo and that heavy blistering 90's screamo sound shines on.  Kelut takes over where Yusuke left off - ear splitting screamy devastation.  $12

Muerte - s/t - GET THIS - FOR REAL - Mexican raw punk but with a super dark post punk vibe - all reverbed out.  Enough talk - seriously just get it.  No joking.  None.  $10

New Berlin - Basic Function - barebones perfect hc/punk - think Crisis/Wire/Warsaw - stripped down and great.  $15

Niboowin - Breathing LP - Mix heavy Euro-chaos screamo with black metalled out blasting - members of Old Soul and Dakhma - Michigan wins again. $10

No Drum No Moog - Documents Synthetiques - think French prog and German Krautrock on synth - FFO Goblin, Zombi, Kraftwerk.  $17

No Form - s/t - boundary pushing, noised out hardcore from UK - bleak and ugly in all the right ways.  $12

Noise - Demo Tapes 1991-1995 - Total filth Brasilian grindcore/noise not music goods on SPHC.  $10

Northless - Last Bastion of Cowardice - DLP - damn - crushing doomy sludge.  Heavy as hell, but with tiny hints of light here and there.  Mean and  ugly - gorgeous package.  $20

No Skin - Paying the Fine - raw and ugly HC/punk on Give Praise. $10

No Trend - Tritonian Nash - Vegas Polyester Complex - avant-garde punk on Touch and Go - 1987.  $14

Null - Sleepwalking Days LP - AL stoner/ritual - heavy yet airy, dark and repetitive builds.  Mem. of Holiness Church of the Valley and Coliseum.  $12

Null - Act of Love - amazing 2nd full length by these stoner vibe rituals from Alabama - last track is a masterpiece. On Hex Rec. $12

Obediencia - Erosion - Madrid punk - think X or the Observers - catchy and melodic but with a definite gloom and darkness - excellent stuff.  $15

Olde Ghost - Use yer Illusion 3 n’ 4 - white vinyl - think Hot Snakes/Drive like Jehu - folks from Saetia and Off Minor. $5

Orchid - Gatefold - 2nd full length on Ebullition - red vinyl and sassy as hell. $12

Orua - Roma LP - Le Almeida’s new epic project - take his signature 90’s raw indie/noise rock mastery and elevate it to a new level of psyched out glory. $14

Orua - Sem Bencao/Sem Crenca DLP - Le Almeida’s new epic project - take his signature 90’s raw indie/noise rock mastery and elevate it to a new level of psyched out glory. Gigantic release - can’t say enough - if you don’t know now you know. $20

Past - Sama - Warsaw post-punk/coldwave goods - haunting, dark, but with that catchy melody and just barely danceable - great album. $12

Patsy - LA Women - catchy as shit punk - hearing a kind of Chin Chin vibe - killer!.  $15

People’s Temple Project/Sleeper Wave split LP - perfect emo split - part 90’s UK style, part swirl, part melodic, part math - all the emo sweet spots. Killer screenprinted jacket too. $14

Perth Express - s/t - 2006 German dark HC pounder in a killer screened sleeve on Vendetta.  $10

Pettersson - Rift and Seam - clear vinyl - nearly perfect modern emo - intensity, beauty, builds, atmosphere. Can’t go wrong here. $12

The Pist - Ideas are Bulletproof - the best street punk album of all time.  I learned the punk beat doing a cover set of this band.  Love it.  $10

Porkeria - Desde La Era del Terror - TX punk w/ venomous vocals, manic speed and primitive heavy pounds on Not Normal.  $10

Profit Prison - Six Strange Passions - darkwave/dungeon synth killer on Avant out of Italy. $15

Protestant - the Hate The Hollow - red/black swirl version - heavy dark HC pounder from WI.  $5

Psychic Teens - Hex - Philly shoe-gazey noise rock gothey goods on green vinyl.  $10

Pyrit - UFO - one man cinematic experience here - mix electronic stuff, psych, kraut rock - $13

Raein - Il n’y a pas de Orchestre - classic Italian screamo LP - last copies with hand made screen printed cover. $12

Rash - Skinner Box - Blown up, unsettled hardcore from Chicago - think Raw Nerve/Cult Ritual kinda stuff - well done!  $11

The Rememberables - s/t - DC group on Adagio doing alt/rock/grunge kinda in the Weezer vein - drummer from Magrudergrind.  $13

Rev. Norb and the Onions/Last Sons of Krypton - power pop/punk, garage rocky split. $10

Rituals - s/t - heavy and powerful from AZ - mix post metal, black metal, doom and just epic post rock builds.  Housed in a big ass gatefold.  $12

Ritual Veil - Wolf in the Night - dark as hell synth/darkwave from Avant records - so good. Pink vinyl on this one. $15

Sacrificio - Pulidores de Tumbas - intelligent, thrashing hardcore from the Mexico City scene - amazing cover art as well - I love the paper alone.  $11

Science Man - s/t - total rock n’ roll punk - fast fast - kinda like if you were into that Swedish punk like Masshysteri, but more of a classic rock sound. $14

SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms) - s/t - dark and bleak synth - gothy and amazing - second press on white vinyl. $15

Sex Grimes - Revolting LP - Australian wild wierdness w/ the guy from Rupture - you know whether you want this or not. $13

Shai Hulud - That Within Blood Ill Tempered - on color but sealed.  $15

Sial - s/t - YES!!! Singapore raw punk - Disorder/Comes come to mind for sure, but I don't even like those bands - this shit is just ripping raw punk with perfect pissed vocals - just enough distort, and just enough bile.  $15

Sievehead - Worthless Soul - gloomy post punk - but heavy on the punk - dirgy at times too.  On Static Shock.  $16

Sigh Down One - Memory is Short Longing - Montreal dreamy punk-gaze - channeling My Bloody Valentine w/ the grit of old Nirvana and energy and chops of outsider punk like Wymyns Prysyn.  Plus, this sounds like it should be on the Crow soundtrack, so that should seal the deal.  $13

Sin Motivo - El Desierto - out of breath TX punk rager on Not Normal.  $10

The Skuds/Man the Conveyors - ripping crusty punk!  $4

Slant 6 - Soda Pop Rip Off - $12

Sloane Peterson - Why Go Out - infectiously catchy Miami pop punk w/ Merkit drummer.  handmade covers.  $5

Soft Metals - Lenses Remixes - minimal synth goods on Mecanica - white/black splatter vinyl.  $13

Soft Metals - Lenses - synth-pop/darkwave goods on Captured Tracks.  $10

The Sound - Permanent - Japanese DLP fanclub issue.  $30

Spit-Take - Frogrock - new one from CT DIY heads - think Jawbreaker w/ more of an emo tinge - good folks.  $10

Sport - Bon Voyage - pink vinyl press of excellent emo/punk in the Cap'n Jazz/American Football school.  $13

Still Life - From Angry Heads… DLP - new copy - essential 90’s emo on Ebullition. $10

Strafplanet - Freiseitstress - absolutely killer hardcore from Germany - the anger is visceral and the riffs/sound are beefy as hell - blasting filth perfection - highest recommendation - $12

Street Eaters - The Envoy - killer Oakland punk in the Wipers/Massysteri tradition - catchy and raw anthems. $12

SU19B - Neutralize LP - Longstanding Japanese powerviolence/sludge/death goods - brand new LP w/ massive gatefold cover.  $12

Sucked Dry - Dog Children - blown up out of control hc/punk on Not Normal.  $10

Swans - Love Will Tear Us Apart - 12" red vinyl single covering the classic Joy Division track.  Nice vinyl, cover has one minor seam split and minor wear.  $15

Swingin' Utters - Streets of San Francisco - new copy - the best.  $14

Tape Rec - Death Friends - PERFECT Brasilian grunge/pop/punk - put the best of Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, Guided By Voices together - soooooo good.  Just get this now.  $10

Teargas - The Way of All Flesh - Japanese goods on Narm/Hardcore Victim black vinyl for $8

Tempest - s/t - second full length by this Canadian powerhouse - wild violent and overwhelmingly heavy swirl.  The darkest pit of emo-violent hardcore.  $12

Terveet Kadet - Lapinhelvetti - 2015 album by longstanding Finnish hardcore killers.  Massive gatefold cover.  $10

The World is a Vampire/Cloud Rat split LP - mem. of Thou doing noisy goth punk ugliness vs. some of Cloud Rat’s finest signature grinding filth/beauty. $14

The World is a Vampire - Trenchsewer b/w Heartshorn LP - Mem. of Thou doing noisy goth punk ugliness with a blown up distort sound. Rules. $14

They Sleep We Live - Escaping the Measures of Time - soaring, swirling emo perfection here. On gorgeous coke bottle vinyl with a screen print. $12

Thou - Magus 2xLP - 75 minute 2018 epic doom pounder from the masters. $20

Thou - Inconsolable - Mostly acoustic project here w/ guest vocalists - bleak and dark. Green vinyl version. $14

Thou - The House Primordial - holy shit - bleak and overwhelming foul doom. $14

Thou - Rhea Sylvia - hopeless doom metal from the masters in New Orleans. $14

Thou - Tyrant DLP - their first album remastered with a giant booklet and poster and gatefold jacket and a second LP of Retaliation of Immutable Force ep. $24

Thou - Peasant DLP - massive reissue of their 2008 LP plus another LP of other releases - giant book, amazing gatefold jacket. $24

Thou - Summit DLP - gigantic DLP reissue of this LP plus the Archer and Owl material - epic gatefold jacket. $24

Tilahun Gessesse - Mississippi records collection of cool-ass Ethiopian folk/jazz.  Killer stuff.  $16

Toe Tag - s/t - three members of Accused doing thrash punk filth as always. Released in Poland. $14

Totalitar - Vi Ar Eliten - clear vinyl, but missing the 7" that I think might have came with this.  $14

Tragedy - Fury - brand new 6 song Tragedy banger - sounds like the first album! $12

Tragedy - s/t first LP - new copy - essential crust. $12

Ultha - Converging Sins DLP - overwhelming black metal on Vendetta, white vinyl.  $20

Una Bestia Incontrolable - Metamorfosi - on La Vida es un Mus.  $13

Veil of Light - Front Teeth - amazing darkwave synth on AVANT - brand new one - so good.  $17

Virgin Prunes - A New Form of Beauty 1-4 - avant-garde goods from 1983 double LP.  Original Italian press.  Vinyl/Innersleeves are great, outer cover has a rip on the thin part.  $25

Warhead - s/t - Japanese crust on 540/Bloodsucker.  $12

Weak Ties - s/t - scathing hardcore/powerviolence with venomous ripped throat vocals, but with this other vibe going on too that makes me think of mid 90’s Gravity records stuff. $12

Weak Wrists - s/t - Mix Orchid style emo-violent attack with grinding crust and epic post metal passages - diverse and amazing from Asheville.  $10

Wind in his Hair - Earthwrecker - vegan anarcho primitivist band from Germany playing dark crust w/ black metal influence.  $12

Wipers - Youth of America - 2006 Jackpot repress.  $15

Wolvon - Ease - mix some scratchy noise rock w/ dreamy shoegaze tendencies and big-ass emo builds ala Antarctica or something.  Really good on De Graanrepubliek.  $13

Woodwork - Ordinary Violence - killer political hardcore - I'm hearing lots of Endeavor influence which is a huge complement!  On Hydrogen Man and one of my favorite labels ever - Stonehenge.  Still in the game!!.  $10

Y - Global Player - killer German fastcore/grinding HC on Sound Pollution.  $5

Y/My Own Lies - killer German fastcore/grinding HC split on Flowerviolence.  $5

Zero - s/t - Japanese style punk - nailed it, with Sugi art.  $13

Zeta - Magia Infinita LP - Amazing Venezuelan emo-chaos with a huge dose of post-rock and afro-caribbean beats - an elevation of the genre in all regards - huge gatefold cover too. $14

Zetkin - Vanguard - ripping thrash metal from Austria - heavy w/ enough Nailbomb/Sepultura/Power Trip influence too.  Screenprinted B-side.  $11

Zig Zags - s/t - 2014 stoner rock on In the Red.  $10

v/a - Decide on Change - killer HC comp. on Mountain from 2003 - new copies here. Scholastic Deth, Diallo, Totalitar, Vuur etc. $6

v/a - Doused in Mud Soaked in Bleach - tribute LP covering Nirvana’s Bleach album - w/ Thou, Beach Slang, Daughters, Mean Jeans, etc. White vinyl. $11

v/a - Eight Feet Under Vol. 1 DLP - insane international 2xLP gatefold compilation w/ Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket, Via Fondo, Nous Etions, The World That Summer, Sleeper Wave, Youth Novel, Lamantide, and Pastel.  Epic.  $18

v/a - I Can’t Live Without It - essential 1996 Mountain Rec. comp. New copies - w/ Guyver One, Botch, Amber Inn, Closure, Breakwater, In/Humanity etc. $6


10" VINYL (AND 8 OR 9"ERS)

Aureole of Ash - Morbid Reality 10" - Imagine if Acrid was playing Bremen style HC - downtuned to mud blasting deathed out hardcore/grind.  With Lars and Sabine from React With Protest - perfect.  $10

Coma Regalia/Tapestry - Killer 9" vinyl split w/ a perfect screenprinted emo as hell cover.  $12

Nionde Plagan/The World that Summer - Swedish screamo/doom vs. Canadian screamo - great stuff (both on the 8 Feet Under DLP comp. too)  $12

Orchid - Dance Tonight… - black/yellow split vinyl on this classic. $13

Part II - Weeping, Wailing... - emo goods on Coldbringer - clear vinyl w/ screenprinted sheet metal cover - looks AMAZING.  $8

SFN/Abrade 10” - powerviolent bludgeoning from both on Malokul. $10

Thou/Barghest - black metal/doom split - gorgeous package as always. $10

Tying Tiffany - One - PIC DISC - bleak cold/darkwave with hints of pop on Mecanica.  $10

v/a - 4 way split - w/ Vril, Coma Regalia, Ostraca, Untold Want - emo goods on smoky vinyl. $10




Abacus/Drones for Queens - killer metal/HC bludgeonings from both here. $5

Aerosol Burns - Afraid of the Phone - classic Ramones/Screeching Weasel style raw pop punk from the UK - folks from Chain Letters.  $5

Anchorless/Elder Abuse - pop punk split in the Alkaline Trio/Propagandhi/Lifetime vein.  $4

Aureole of Ash/Jotnarr - German anti-fascist grind death fury vs. UK pulsing blackened squalor - perfect.  $5

Barcelona - Pueden ser Ellos - ripping and ugly female fronted punk bile.  $6

Battalion of Saints - s/t - new record on Southern Lord from classic 80's HC band.  $4

Behead the Prophet NLSL - Making Craters… - essential mid-90’s queer core - powerful filth. Brand new copy. $3

Book Slave - Sentinel of Shit - killer moody goods.  $2

Brick Mower - Why are We Doing This - Fuzzy indie rock reminiscent of Superchunk - /200 only.  $4

The Bug - Humbug - Chicago punk - wild flailing foul energy constantly existing right on the verge of falling apart completely.  $5  

Cloud Rat/Crevasse - back in stock - 3 copies - purple vinyl! $5

Coldskin - 4 Song ep - Tampa punk from Holy Mtn. pedigree on Financial Ruin.  $5

Crowning/Swallows Nest - New Zealand bulldozing emo pounder vs. Chicago screamo blending classic chaos, post black metal riffage and vicious breakdowns.  Heavy split.  $5

Crows-an-Wra - Kakatopia - UK emo in the At The Drive In/Refused style on clear vinyl.  UK has got emo on lock these days.  $5

Dakhma/Pilori - MI's Dakhma are back with one epic post black metal/crust ripper - vicious and haunting.  France's Pilori drop Hexis style swirling heaviness w/ added classic HC beatings.  $5

Darto - s/t 7" - Wonderful spacy noise/rock w/ mem. of Dream Decay - highest recommendation.  $5

Det Ar Darfor Vi Bygger Stader / Pettersson - Swedish vs. Austrian emo split - handmade packaging like it should be!  $5

Dogtag/Infanticide - old school grindcore split from Sweden.  $3

Duct Hearts - If you Prick us, do we not Bleed? - gorgeous emo - kinda feeling Christie Front Drive if they were more into post rock. $5

Duct Hearts/Laube - German gorgeous emo with lots of post rock vibes vs. some classical guitar/medieval sounding goods. Great package on Time as a Color. $5

Endeavor - Of Equality - new copy - classic 90's hardcore chunk.  Always try to keep this one in stock.  $3

Endorphins Lost/OSK - total powerviolence/grinding filth spectacular.  $4

Euglena/Konyak - insane grinding nightmare vs. epic post-metal banger - both from Russia - really good.  $5

Exotica - Musique Exotique #01 - Yo, killer raw and pissed punk here from La Vida Es Un Mus.  $6

False Figure - s/t 7" - Oakland's FF play noisy dark post punk with hints of stuff like Dream Decay.  Great building tracks here - perfect mix of energy and gloom.  $5

Fracaso - Desafio Antiautoritario - Awesome stripped down simple raw punk/Dbeat w/ reverbed out vox from Venezuela - HIGH RECOMMENDATION. $5

Gob/Loadstar - 1993 noisy wierdo HC on Satan's Pimp - gold vinyl.  $7

God's America - The Undeserving 7" - Blistering powerviolence/grind goods - ugly and harsh.  $4

Grave Plague - The Infected Crypts - total swirling old school death metal - touches of thrash, really well done. /250. $6

Herpes - s/t - bruising pissed punk on Goblin Shark.  $2

Hexis - MMXIV AD XII Kal. Dec. - FLEXI - white flexi disc of Hexis in Japan - overwhelming blackened filth. $5

Hunted Down/Herpes - raw heavy hc on Goblin Shark.  $3

The Insurgent/Sometimes Walking, Sometimes Running - NY hc/punk on Traffic Violation - nice package from 2002.  $3

The Jammy Dodgers/Nervous Dogs - purple marble version /200.  On No Idea  $3

Japanese Women - A Solitary Vision - noisy and ugly outsider punk from Alabama.  $5

Javla - s/t - totally blown up war D-beat from DC.  $4

Lorraine - Gimbal Lock - Austrian post-punk / emo - good raw sound with a bit of a garagey vibe. $5

Losst - 5 track demo 7" - ripping Malaysian raw-punk stomp - got a black, blue, and white copy.  Killer stuff.  $6

Male Patterns - Thinking Too Much - take a good dose of skate punk and add some thrash style vocals to the mix. on Shock to the System.  $4

Male Patterns/Scuzz - take a good dose of skate punk and add some thrash style vocals to the mix.  On Loud Punk  $4

Memorial/Nailed - Malaysian bruising heavy and pissed HC split - furious.  $5

Menthol - Plastic Garden - classic style punk with raw ass vocals on Not Normal.  $5

Metro Cult - s/t - Excellent Danish darkwave/post punk. Danceable yet mostly punk - very good. 300 copies on Mass Media Rec. $4

Misled Youth - Excuse for Existence - ripping classic style fast-core - pissed.  $3

Morte Lente - If Noisecore is Dead We are Zombies 7" - total filth noisecore - a million vomited songs.  $4

New Sweet Breath - Silko/Late - killer melodic punk/indie on Ringing Ear from 1995.  $2

No Action - Payday b/w Tiger Hunt - perfect Australian emo, 90’s style, brand new one. $6

No Less/Potato Justice - classic 1998 powerviolence on 625.  $5

No Question - s/t - noisy blown up powerviolence from WI - primal and scowling filth. $4

Notches - Huge - green vinyl - killer melodic goods on Hip Kid.  $4

Orua - Tudo Posso 7” - Le Almeida and crew return with 4 tracks of psyched out indie bliss devolving into a free-jazz freak-out. Screened covers. $5

Post Teens - The Heat - killer Gainesville punk on No Idea - purple marble vinyl.  $3

Prag - s/t 7" - think Rudimentari Peni all around.  $6

Radiation - s/t - Ripping Gainesville noise punk mastery - think Nerveskade/Disorder vein.  $2

Rash - Midnight Crooner - Heavy, blown up punk stomp w/ pure writhing filth on vocals from Chicago - bleak.  $5

Rash/CHEW - more heavy blown up punk beatings from Chicago - killing it.  $5

Rashomon - Demo 2017 - DC hardcore - take some metallic leads, Japanese punk influence and just go nuts with disgusted vocals.  $5

Rat Cage - Caged Like Rats - new punk ripper on La Vida es un Mus - think Totalitar.  $6

Reptoides - Se Buscan - killer reverbed to hell vocals Mexican punk strangler.   Yep.  $4

Rixe - Bapteme du Feu - brand new one by France's best oi band.  $6.50

Sgurd - The Beginning of the End 7" - Classic 80's style thrashing HC with wild rocker vocals.  $3

SHIT - I - dirge punk plodding filth on La Vida Es Un Mus.  $6

Shitnoise Bastards - Lofi does not mean sucks, it's a threat 7" - Malaysian noise not music foul chaotic blasting outbursts - raw raw raw.  $4

Sidetracked/Rabid Pigs - ripping fastcore devastation.  $4

Spirits - Die Faster - No frills fast hc ala American Nightmare/Tear it Up.  $4

Spit-Take - Queen's Pawn Game - solid emo/punk outta CT - think Jawbreaker w/ a more emo bent.  Good folks.  $3

Stockpile - s/t - USHC on Destroy Me Records.  $3

The World is a Vampire/Torture Garden split 7” - Mem. of Thou doing noisy goth punk ugliness vs. New Orleans thrash crusters with hints of melody and vicious anger. Screened handmade jacket w/ custom handmade inner sleeves. $6.50

Think Again - Insane Humanity - Japanese punk on Hardcore Survives.  $5

Thisclose/Sludge - Scotland/Japan - The Grave New Beat vs. metallic Japanese HC ala Ghoul or Demolition - green vinyl, released for Japan tour.  $5

Totalove - Lo Que Toco Lo Destruyo - Mexican punk demo pressed on an orange punk flexi on Boss Tuneage.  $5

Vein Cranes - s/t - Garage rock on Florida's dying label.  $3

Waste - Executioner - Sweden XXX HC combining classic 80's goods with modern influences.  $5

You Blew It - Pioneer of Nothing - yellow/red vinyl /250 on Jade Tree.  $5

v/a - Coracao Transfusionado - Transfusao Noise comp. outta Brasil - think 90's indie/lo-fi killers w/ Le Almeida, Carpeta Florido, Fujimo, Wallace Costa, etc.  $5

v/a - Divided by Water 2x7” - Killer emo comp. on Time as a Color w/ Trembling Hands, Duct Hearts, Human Hands, Careless, and Coma Regalia. $11

v/a - A Factory Sample 2x7" - boot reissue from '08.  Joy Division, Durutti Column, Cabaret Voltaire, John Dowie.  Like new, but there are pressing plant made pock marks on the John Dowie side - one small skip/skate, and some pops.  A few minor pops on Cabaret side.  The Joy Division/DC 7" is like new and pressed right.  The second 7" is a pressing plant thing, not damage.  Ugh.  $25

v/a - Youth Crew 2018 - white vinyl version w/ Kind!, Berthold City, No Wasted, All In, Bystander, Feel the Burn, Animal Club, Protein. $4



Autarkeia - s/t - dark and epic emo from ex Jiyuna/Merkit folks.  Gorgeous/furious female vox.  $7





Ancient Filth - the Illusion of Freedom is Control - punk filth.  $3

Aureole of Ash - Morbid Reality -  amazing grinding death metal/HC violence - folks from Resurrectionists and Republic of Dreams etc.  Never stop.  $5

Avichines - Nada Que Hacer - Raw-ass old school Venezuelan punk on Cabeza De Vaca - $5

Bedtime Magic - Fuck 'em All - Boston dirgy as hell noise rock power.  $3

Big Heet - Yellow Badge demo - Talahassee punk from Ex-Breathers folks - total spastic nervous energy with a bit of 90's Gravity sound built in.  Excellent.  $3

Black Wood - Perpetual Ancient Sky - Peruvian black metal.  $4

Blothtru - A Brighter Sun - danish black metal on Winter Solstice.  $3

Desenterrados - demo - killer dark post-punk/deathrock from Spain.  $5

Disevered - Hammers of Blasphemy - Tampa death metal done 90's style - killer.  $5

Draize - Long Knives - ripping HC demo.  $3

Drugged SS - I Hate What ... - on Ormeyngal/Sacred Tapes with obi.  $7

Dusteaters - Demo - spacey, yet driving punk w/ garage rock tendencies.  $4

Fredag den 13:e - Domedagar - gigantic Swedish crust/HC beast.  $5

Grids - Riot Girls - Charlotte NC noise rock doing 2 Bikini Kill covers - /100.  $2

Hebasogil - Ura - Finnish driving sludge/noise punk goods on Kaos Kontrol.  $5

Herpes - s/t demo - 2011 hc/punk.  $7

Jeromes Dream - It's more like an Homage to you - tribute comp. to JD - 28 bands/tracks.  $4

J. Marinelli - All the Sad Parts 1993-2004 - Collection of tracks from this punk lifer.  Melodic and heartfelt goods - ex Samuel.  $5

Kind! - Haven demo - Gorilla Biscuits style youth crew from the northeast. $3

Last Chaos - Wild Men - demo from ripping raw punkers.  $9

Le Almeida - Mantra Happening - Brasil's lo-fi indie/punk master here with a more spacious, more stoned sounding double LP's worth of material on this beautiful little cassette.  Genius.  $5

Leichenhalle - II: Audial Gnosis - on Prior Satanae - looks like black metal.  $4

Levitating Spirit - The Path to Endless Void - Canadian black metal on Death Rituals.  $4

Lotus Fucker - The Planted Seeds... - self released by band - noise/raw punk.  $3

Natural Law - Spring Trash - ripping HC tape.  $4

Okkultokrati - No Light for Mass - metal/HC from Norway on Ormeyngel.  $8

Orthank - Rotting World - black metal on Worht Rec. outta Tampa.  $4

Paranoiac - s/t - lim. to 50 copies - raw ass grindcore - $4

Plural Being - Demo - members of Panzram and Merkit doing noisy outsider punk - from catchy to miserable dirges to a one riff dance-hall banger.  $4

Realidad - 2015 demo - $3

Red Delicious - Bad Apple - nasti ass punk with a bounciness to it - just raw and good on Not Normal.  $4

Republic of Dreams - It's Still Fucking Personal - Discography tape from Germany's finest swirling emo-violence sweeties.  $5

Roro Perrot/Angola - lo-fi grindcore filth on Poco Discos.  $3

Sunshine Ward - Discography - Indonesian version on Necros Records.  $5

Telepathic Lines - s/t - lo-fi rock w/ 12 Hour Turn member.  $4

Total Dicks - s/t - I think they call this mutant punk - pure raw lo-fi and raw punk filth well done.  $3

Vacancy - Empty Head - St. Pete FL totally disgusted punk, pounding away - filthy.  $4

Vanna Inget - Allvar - excellent Swedish melodic punk goods.  $5

Vastator - Execute 'em All - black metal on Worht records outta Tampa.  $4

Vermin - Peace ep - Gainesville raw punk ripper.  This is really good.  $4

Video Duct - Anti-Human Hate - Chicago raw ass basement punk filth - one song is called "Your Kids in Gymnastics" - perfect ugliness for the end.  $3

VX Gas Attack - Political Subterfuge - Killer tape outta Portland - equal parts pounding D-Beat crust and ripping speed metal.  20 tracks of the goods.  $4

Waking Up Hurts - s/t - Amazing project done by Joe/What the Fuck Happened to Tapes. Posthumous release of Nick's solo project - guitars, drums, strings, vocals - powerful music done with hearth. Best tape package you've ever seen - highly recommended. $4

Wall Breaker - Demo - New Jersey fast and pissed Hardcore on Absolute Contempt.  $3

Weaken - Cassette 01 - noisy CO punk - part dirgy, part angular, with ugly vocals buried deep - coulda been on Gravity or something.  $4

Worsen - Grand Scheme - Heavy metal crust filth on Dead Tank - so downtuned!!!  $4

Yusuke - s/t - emo goods on Friendly Otter.  $3




Seven Inches to Freedom # 13 - always the best - honest reflections on life/punk plus reviews and Halfman interview, Viper Video interview, Cretins of Dist.  $3


Autarkeia Shirt - brown, navy blue, or grey shirt with white print of a two year old riding a tricicyle - I know, emo as hell.  $8