IFB Records is a DIY record label out of sunny Ft. Myers FL.  I started back in 1998 in order to release records of my own bands, and eventually began releasing records for other bands as well.  17 years later and I'm almost to 100 releases for bands around the world.  I release music for bands/people that I feel are worth supporting and are inspiring, legit folks.  Doing the label and distro has brought innumerable friendships and opened me up to the massive and amazing worldwide DIY culture.  Find and support DIY culture and always avoid hype and industry nonsense.  IFB has always been completely non-profit.  When I do well selling records it just means I can say yes to more bands wanting to do a release, or I can help support a band on tour.  All money gets plowed right back in to DIY culture. 

I also book shows in Ft. Myers/Cape Coral and we have a really solid venue run by nice folks.  They and I have both been on many DIY tours so we know the drill and know how to treat bands and be good hosts.  If you are an awesome DIY band full of cool folks with good ideas and energy, by all means get in touch.  If you are looking to gain some street cred in the underground to get some facebook likes in order to pitch yourself to the corporate wolves of the world, then by all means never, ever contact me.  Ever. 

Peace, Nevin